Our Services

Canterbury Breastcare is a centre that offers a uniquely supportive environment where women receive a complete breast health care service under one roof. Canterbury Breastcare combines the skills of a range of specialists and health professionals who are committed entirely to breast health care - from screening and diagnostic breast imaging to the integrated management of breast problems.

The multi-disciplinary team comprising Radiologists, Surgeons, Oncologists, Pathologists, Breast Nurse Specialists and Radiographers (MRTs) delivers a caring and professional service to assess all your breast concerns efficiently at one site. Once a diagnosis is made, appropriate treatment options can be discussed and offered. This may include surgery or on-going surveillance and clinical management.

Canterbury Breastcare is equipped with state of the art equipment, offering full-field digital mammography. In partnership with Pegasus Health, forming a joint venture called BreastScreen South Ltd, Canterbury Breastcare is also the provider of these services to BreastScreen Aotearoa for the National Breast Screening Programme in the central/northern part of the South Island.